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Village Hill Blooms with Natives

August 26, 2017|

Woodside Landscape Committee 2017 Update The Woodside Landscape Committee started Woodside’s first Ecological Restoration project in the fall of 2015 – the replanting of local native grasses and wildflowers on Village Hill. In the old days, our hillsides sported colorful Spring blooms of native wildflowers, not unlike Edgewood Park. In an attempt to recapture some of that natural beauty for Village Hill, Committee members sowed a variety of native wildflowers and grass seeds in October 2015. [...]

“Wines of Woodside” WOWs Town

August 10, 2017|

WOW raises funds for Woodside Village Church repairs On a sunny Saturday afternoon in June, the recently formed Friends of the Woodside Village Church kicked off an energetic new effort to raise much-needed funds for repairs and deferred maintenance of the Town's historic Village Church. With generous donations from nine local wineries, and nine restaurants and retailers, the Friends sponsored a wine-tasting and silent auction, raising in excess of $23,000. These funds will be used for safety-related [...]

Grooming Spring and Sprite

August 19, 2015|

August 19, 2015 When Spring and Sprite were installed on Village Hill in 2011, the sculptor, Veryl Goodnight said to wash them once a year. But that just wasn't enough for Woodside Landscape Committee members. "There was something about the elegance of these sculptures, just like beautifully groomed horses. We wanted to protect that lovely patina," says Peggie MacLeod, WLC Fund Advisor. So after gently washing, rinsing and drying Spring and Sprite, WLC members add [...]

Spring Notes 2016

March 1, 2015|

Village Hill Ecological Restoration Project Update Several months ago, the Woodside Landscape Committee kicked off an important new ecological restoration project in Town with the replanting of a variety of local native grasses and wildflowers on Village Hill. Working with ecological restoration specialist and consultant Craig Dremann, the purpose of this project was to determine problems and results on a small scale before taking on a larger project in Town. Read the article in the Fall 2015 [...]

Historic Farmhouse Turned Museum

January 21, 2015|

A centerpiece of the Town of Woodside Freshly painted, newly relocated and carefully restored to its original humble glory, the old Mathisen farmhouse has taken on its new role as a local history museum. Capt. Peter Hanson’s widow, Anna, married Peter Mathisen, a coachman for J.A. Hooper. According to legend, the house was completed the day before the 1906 earthquake. Mathisen’s son Arthur and Arthur’s wife, Dora, raised their five children—two sets of twin girls [...]

Jim Milton

January 20, 2015|

Beauty is in the eye of the photographer Many of the beautiful Woodside photos contained on our new website were taken by Foundation Board member Jim Milton. Here's what Jim has to say about picture taking and community involvement... "Woodside's natural beauty has inspired much of my photography over the years. In turn, photography has given me the opportunity to support many important local causes and groups. I first became involved with the community when [...]

Oak Trees on Cañada Road Fund

January 20, 2015|

It doesn't take long for a good idea to take root in Woodside! More than 25 years ago, Noel Perry and a host of community activists raised the funds needed through the Woodside Community Foundation to plant more than 300 Oak Trees along Cañada Road. These stately trees now provide a glorious living canopy over Cañada Road. After taking part in the planting back in 1991, then sixth graders Katie Nolan, Kate Connor and Julie [...]

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