Woodside Landscape
Committee Fund

Woodside Landscape
Committee Fund

The Woodside Landscape Committee (WLC) is a volunteer group of residents who work on projects to beautify certain Town-owned properties here in Woodside. We help to weed and groom the planting in front of the Woodside Community Museum and we monitor the landscape maintenance needs of other Town-owned areas.

What donations are used for:

Donations to this fund are primarily used to replace plants that die or do not perform well. Donations have enabled us to share with the Town the cost of new beautification projects, such as the planting of daffodils on Village Hill from 2006 to 2009.

Why this fund is important:

Contributions enabled the WLC to gift to the Town the “Spring and Sprite” horse sculptures that now enhance Village Hill. The WLC was also involved in the design and planting of the area in front of the Woodside Community Museum, and drought-tolerant landscape for the Alexander Donald Triangle. Going forward, contributions will enable us to consider new beautification projects that will enhance publicly-owned properties.

Contact information:

Peggie MacLeod


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