Grooming Spring and Sprite

Grooming Spring and Sprite

August 19, 2015

When Spring and Sprite were installed on Village Hill in 2011, the sculptor, Veryl Goodnight said to wash them once a year.

But that just wasn’t enough for Woodside Landscape Committee members. “There was something about the elegance of these sculptures, just like beautifully groomed horses. We wanted to protect that lovely patina,” says Peggie MacLeod, WLC Fund Advisor. So after gently washing, rinsing and drying Spring and Sprite, WLC members add a very light coat of a paste wax to the sculptures and buff them gently to a lustrous finish. “As we rub down the mare and her foal, it really feels like we’re grooming live creatures. They look so fresh again, just like they’ve been freshly groomed. We look forward to this ritual every year,” adds Peggie.

Peggie finished by saying, “It makes us happy that so many Town residents contributed to this extraordinary work of art in our Town Center. It’s just one more thing that makes Woodside such a wonderful place to live.”

Pictured above left-to-right: Tina Dreyer, Phyrne Osborne, Peggie MacLeod, and Nita Sierke.

Learn more about the Woodside Landscape Committee here.