Light the Tree Fund

Light the Tree Fund

The Light the Tree Fund was created to cover the costs of lighting the Christmas Tree and installing the Nativity at the corner of Canada and Woodside Road each year during the Christmas season.

What donations are used for:

Each year we use donations to this Fund to pay for the supplies needed to light the Christmas Tree, and to install and light the Nativity scene. During the 2014 Christmas holiday season my husband (62 years old) and a friend climbed way up into the tree to replace over 20 fuses for the low voltage lights. While replacing the light fuses we found that animals are chewing the cords. Apparently the new low voltage lights and wiring are less hearty than their predecessors. Next year we will probably need to pay for a “cherry picker” to get the tree ready for lighting.

When not in use, the Nativity is stored in our garage each year. Brian Caselden (vintner for Woodside Vineyards), his personally paid crew, my husband and I plus our paid helper set up and dismantle the Nativity each year as our gift to the town.

In 2012, the Nativity was stolen so Brian and my husband Paul used a portion of our Light the Tree Funds to build a new wooden Nativity. Paul welded and glued bolts to each figurine and we have them all attached via a heavy-duty chain so as to avoid theft. We have also used these funds to invest in a variety of security measures to protect the Tree and Nativity from foul play or attempted theft.

With additional donations, we hope to keep the tree lit and the Nativity on display in future years.

Why this fund is important:

We think this display is a wonderful continuation of an important Christmas tradition in the Town of Woodside. Each year folks thank us in person or in letters (since it is on my and Pat Delgavio’s private commercial property), and we let them know it is a community effort and a community-funded project through the Woodside Community Foundation.

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