We Shredded It!

August 1, 2021|

FREE SHRED IT DAY Saturday, July 31, 2021 Huge thank you to the Shred It team! The morning went beautifully.   The early team got there about 7:30 which was good because cars started arriving shortly after. Well before 8 am, we had a line of cars and a pile of boxes and bags dropped off! Truck was a bit late but once it showed up [...]

Gearing up for Wildfire Season

May 14, 2021|

A WCF Grant of $10,000 Our Local Disaster Relief Fund helped the La Honda Fire Brigade raise the $100,000 needed to purchase a Type 5 Wildland Fire Engine. This smaller addition to the Brigade's fire truck fleet can traverse the rugged backroads and light-weight bridges, getting firefighters to the source of wild fires. This small fire engine can carry up to 500 gallons of water / foam and firefighting equipment. DONATE TO THIS FUND [...]

Woodside Village Band’s
First Virtual Concert

July 26, 2020|

In need of a healthy dose of cheer? Tune into the Woodside Village Band’s virtual rendition of The Teddy Bear's Picnic. We dare you not to smile while you conduct the band along with Yessica! The Woodside Village Band’s (WVB) last in-person rehearsal was on Monday, March 9, 2020. The band was eagerly preparing for upcoming concerts in May and June. And then the world changed. In the following weeks, those concerts were postponed [...]

Why Worry?

July 16, 2020|

The Center Trail Bridge is Complete Until four years ago, the Center Trail near Why Worry Lane was the major thoroughfare for equestrians traveling between Woodside Road and Portola Road. Well-used for more than 100 years, this trail served as equestrian's primary north/south linkage through Town. Then, in the winter of 2016, the banks of Bear Gulch Creek failed forcing the closure of this important equestrian pathway. Galloping into immediate action, local equestrian and trail [...]

Together we will rise above

May 10, 2020|

WCF joins a coalition of foundations responding to COVID The Woodside Community Foundation is working hard to respond to the needs of our community during this coronavirus crisis. Here in our Town we are seeing fine examples of generosity and caring and are so very grateful for the philanthropic spirit of Woodside. The needs in our communities are significant We know now that the needs of our region will be more widespread than we could [...]

Passing the Baton

December 4, 2019|

The Foundation elects a new President In October, long-time Woodside resident and community powerhouse, Diane Talbert passed the WCF President’s baton to Marsha BonDurant. For the last four years, Diane has served as the Foundation’s President during which time she presided over an extensive update and overhaul of the Foundation’s organizational structure. During her tenure, the Foundation launched a brand-new website which allows donors to make safe and secure online donations, streamlined the process for adding [...]

Day of the Horse an
Unbridled Success

December 2, 2019|

Saddled with the challenge of hosting another epic Day of the Horse celebration in October 2019, WHOA! (Woodside-area Horse Owners Association) community leaders turned to the Woodside Community Foundation for a bit of additional help. For many years now, WCF has served as WHOA!’s fiscal sponsor, thereby allowing this dedicated group of volunteers to raise tax-deductible funds to support their celebration of the unique equestrian heritage of Woodside. This year, the Foundation was also able [...]

The Big Bad Barn Dance!

September 2, 2018|

Rob Flint kicked up his heels WCF Board Member Emeritus Rob Flint kicked up his heels with Adoph Rosekrans and Jill Daly at the Friends of Huddart & Wunderlich Parks' Big Bad Barn Dance on Sunday, August 26, 2018. The event took place at Woodside's historic Folger Stable. More information on this fabulous and local non-profit. Funds were raised to support nature hikes for kids at Huddart Park, Folger School History Program tours, the Hikes with [...]

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