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Viewpoints Newsletter

Viewpoints Newsletter

2023 ViewPoints

Your Community Foundation is ending a busy year in the best way; by starting a new fund. We hope you will be as excited about the scope and possibilities of the Good Neighbor Fund as we are. So please read on to learn more and see the variety of ways you and the WCF have impacted Woodside in 2023, from improving the Town landscape to supporting theatre and our awesome equestrian community.

2022 ViewPoints

As we move into that time of year when we gather together to celebrate holidays with friends and family and to reflect on the activities of the year, we at WCF and our funds have much for which to be thankful. While things are still not quite back to normal for our community and the world, the WCF and our funds have resumed activities this year and we wanted to share that work with you, especially since it’s thanks to your interest, ideas, and support that we’ve been able to carry on.

2021 ViewPoints

While we didn’t quite get ‘back to normal’ as hoped when we put 2020 behind us, we have all found new and creative ways to deal with the continuing challenges. Our community continues to respond to needs and help us prepare to deal with threats of natural disasters and other emergencies. The WCF is looking ahead and, with your help and guidance, planning projects for the benefit of our Town and greater community.

2020 ViewPoints

The Woodside Community Foundation (WCF) was created in 1952 to provide a tax-deductible platform for Woodsiders interested in putting their charitable contributions to work in their community. Like our community, the WCF has changed a bit over the years—connecting with the community through the website and social media, improving our administrative practices, benefiting from alliances with other Bay Area non-profits. But what hasn’t changed is the extraordinary philanthropic spirit of Woodsiders, resulting in a wide range of projects that make our Town a better place to live, work and play.

Invest in Woodside this
Holiday Season!

With an eye towards the future, this year the Foundation’s intrepid Board of Directors decided it was time to invest in modernizing the organization. After serving the Town as an all-volunteer non-profit for more than 60 years, we figured it was time. Now, as the year draws to a close, we are taking stock and feeling a real sense of accomplishment. We’ve launched a brand new website which allows you to make safe and secure online donations, streamlined our process for adding new Funds, stepped up our Board involvement, and are working hard to make our accounting processes less burdensome.

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