All in the Family

September 1, 2018|

Volunteerism runs deep with the Patrick family Growing up, local architect Stevan Patrick (pictured with Eagle Scout J.B. Pellegrin) learned early about the concept of giving back to one's community from watching his Dad. His father, also an architect and one who apprenticed with Frank Lloyd Wright, moved to Woodside before it was even a town. Serving as an early Town Council member, the elder Mr. Patrick put in his time serving his community as a [...]

All in the Family

September 1, 2018|

Kathi Dancer and the Woodside Junior Riders At 6 years old, Kathi Dancer and her younger sisters began riding with the Woodside Junior Rider (WJR) program at the Kiely Equestrian Center in Woodside. Years later, when her own children were old enough, Kathi's children rode with the program too. In 1999, after more than 40 years of running Woodside Junior Riders humbly, quietly, and entirely by herself, Ursula Eisenhut decided it was time to pass the [...]

The Pied Piper of the
Methuselah Project

August 25, 2018|

In a recent conversation crackling with excitement, Ann McCormick said, "This tree really means a lot to a lot of people. Everyone wants to help with this project. It's just so gratifying." And thus Ann finds herself in a brand new role — the Pied Piper of the Methuselah Tree Project. WCF's Community Grant Project recipient Ann McCormick has been many things in her life including a mom, renowned educator, early creator of some of [...]

Grant Project Judging
Stand Completed

July 23, 2018|

Look for the new judging stand at Kiely Equestrian Center. It's the work of J.B. Pellegrin for his Eagle Scout Project which was funded by one of our recent community grants. It's now completed and we think you'll agree that it's a beautiful new asset to the Woodside community. Up until the age of 15, J.B. Pellegrin participated in the Kiely Equestrian Center's Woodside Junior Riders program every summer. He loved the people and it [...]

Grant Funds Impact the Friends

July 3, 2018|

  The Friends of Huddart & Wunderlich Parks, one of the foundation's community grant recipients, used their grant to purchase equipment aimed at broadening the impact of their beloved educational programs. In recent weeks they have purchased 100 folding chairs, and an array of audio/visual equipment including a PA system with portable speakers, microphones, a high-quality projector with a large screen, and portable voice amplifiers for the Friends' docents. Prior to the [...]

Woodside Day of Giving
Rob Flint

May 16, 2018|

Our Profound Thanks for his Extraordinary Community Spirit For more that 40 years, Rob has been a standard-bearer for community service and philanthropy in and around the Town of Woodside. The Woodside Community Foundation is profoundly thankful for the fine work and indomitable spirit of this extraordinary man. During his decades-long service as Treasurer of the Foundation, Rob was instrumental in major community projects like the renovation of Folger Stable, creation of the [...]

Woodside Day of Giving
Day of Giving a Sweet Success

May 15, 2018|

Enormous Turnout of Woodside's "Movers and Shakers" Response to the Foundation's first Day of Giving far exceeded expectations. The event began with a heartfelt tribute to long-time WCF Board member and community philanthropist, Robert Flint, and culminated with the awarding of three community grants of up to $5,000. WCF Board members Noel Perry, Liz Dressel, Ellen Ablow, Rob Flint, Diane Talbert, Marsha BonDurant, and Jim Milton [...]

Woodside Day of Giving
Community Grant Winners

May 13, 2018|

Woodside Day of Giving, May 12, 2018 The Woodside Community Foundation's Board of Directors was delighted by the response to its first call for Community Grant Projects. The range and depth of great causes was truly impressive, leaving the Board looking for ways to provide more support to all these great projects. Jill Daly (accepting for Kym Teppo), J. B. Pellegrin and Ann McCormick The three successful projects chosen for Community Grants of up to $5,000 were: [...]

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