How We Work

How We Work

The Woodside Community Foundation is dedicated to helping you give to your community in ways that matter the most to you.

Start a New Fund

Any individual, organization or group may apply to set up a new project Fund within the Woodside Community Foundation. Every effort is made to accommodate all requests that fall within the broad bylaws of the Foundation. Once a new project Fund has been approved by the Foundation’s Board of Directors, individuals, families, businesses and other organizations can make donations to that Fund through the Woodside Community Foundation. Assistance will be given to ensure that donors achieve the maximum allowable tax benefit from their giving. With direction from the Fund’s Advisor, the Woodside Community Foundation Board of Directors will then make periodic grants to fulfill that Fund’s philanthropic purpose.

Give to an Existing Fund

You may also make a tax-deductible gift to support the work of our existing Funds. You can specify the particular Fund you wish to support or you can make an unrestricted gift to our WCF General Fund. General Fund donations are periodically distributed to charitable interests in the community at the direction of our Board of Directors, and are also used to cover our operating costs.