All in the Family

All in the Family

Volunteerism runs deep with the Patrick family

Growing up, local architect Stevan Patrick (pictured with Eagle Scout J.B. Pellegrin) learned early about the concept of giving back to one’s community from watching his Dad. His father, also an architect and one who apprenticed with Frank Lloyd Wright, moved to Woodside before it was even a town. Serving as an early Town Council member, the elder Mr. Patrick put in his time serving his community as a dedicated and revered Town leader.

Following closely in those footsteps, Steve joined his Father’s architectural business in the late 70’s. Expert in both design and construction, Steve soon carved out a unique design-build niche for Midglen Studio Architects. Also in his Father’s footsteps as a Town leader, Steve served as an esteemed and knowledgeable member of the Woodside Planning Commission. Understanding arcane building codes and complex zoning regulations is part and parcel of an architect’s job so it’s not surprising that even though Steve no longer serves as a Planning Commissioner, he is still looked to for advice and guidance by members of the community and Town staff.

Set design for local theatre productions

According to Steve, “If you can, you should put in your volunteer time.” It is this firmly held belief that has also motivated him to volunteer his time along with his brother, on set design and construction for local theatre productions. Steve’s brother, also in the construction business, majored in the theatre arts. So, it has been natural for the two brothers to become a dynamic duo on stage set design and construction. Starting when their children were little, Steve and his brother volunteered their time to make sets for Woodside Elementary Schools plays which took place in Sellman Auditorium. As their children got older, Steve and his brother continued this tradition by creating sets for the Woodside High School plays.

Many Town residents will also be familiar with the beautiful sets created for the Woodside Community Theatre productions such as “South Pacific,” “Fiddler on the Roof,” and “The Drowsy Chaperone.” These lovely stage settings are also the work of Steve and his brother, and many other dedicated town volunteers.

Kiely Equestrian Center judging stand

It is exactly Steve’s reputation for being generous with his time and expertise that put him squarely in mind when Woodside Town Manager, Kevin Bryant, needed someone to help a young man by the name of J.B. Pellegrin with his Eagle Scout project. J.B., a recent recipient of one of the Woodside Community Foundation’s Community Grants, proposed to use his grant funds to build a brand new judging stand at the Kiely Equestrian Center. However, according to the Town’s building guidelines, J.B. needed an architect to design the judging stand and sign the drawings. He also needed a building permit and the project had to be built by a licensed contractor. Steve stepped up and fit the pro bono project into his busy schedule. As Steve says, “J.B. had a nice sketch of the project so I created the formal drawings and the site plan. J.B. worked with the Town to get his building permit and then he built it. J.B. did a commendable job.”

“I am so pleased that the Woodside Community Foundation selected J.B. for one of its Community Grants this year. It is so very important to support another generation of people dedicated to volunteerism. This project is an example of what we need to see more of…doing things together,” says Steve.

The Woodside Community Foundation thanks Stevan Patrick and his whole family for setting a fine standard for giving back to this community.

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