Grant Funds Impact the Friends

Grant Funds Impact the Friends


The Friends of Huddart & Wunderlich Parks, one of the foundation’s community grant recipients, used their grant to purchase equipment aimed at broadening the impact of their beloved educational programs.

In recent weeks they have purchased 100 folding chairs, and an array of audio/visual equipment including a PA system with portable speakers, microphones, a high-quality projector with a large screen, and portable voice amplifiers for the Friends’ docents.

Prior to the award of the Community Grant funds, the Friends were renting folding chairs for their Speaker Series at a cost of more than $500 per event. Kym Teppo, the Friends’ Director of Programs, anticipates that the purchase of comfortable, folding chairs will pay for themselves in short order. Kym also envisions using the new projector and large screen to improve the quality of presentations for the Folger School Program which currently serves more than 1,400 students per year.

According to Kym, “The new audio/visual equipment has made a big improvement in all of our community programs. It’s just been wonderful! We are now able to serve more people in the community by offering events for larger groups, and expand our array of educational offerings. Over the last couple of years, demand has greatly increased for the Friends’ programs. This grant is helping us meet that demand, and reach out to more and more new people.”

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