We Shredded It!

We Shredded It!


Saturday, July 31, 2021

Huge thank you to the Shred It team! The morning went beautifully.


The early team got there about 7:30 which was good because cars started arriving shortly after. Well before 8 am, we had a line of cars and a pile of boxes and bags dropped off!

Truck was a bit late but once it showed up everything went very smoothly. Special thanks to Traffic Manager and Band Aid dispenser Karen Peterson, and Shred It Chair Jim Milton who did most of the heavy lifting.

And thank you to Sheriff Jim Christman for backup support. No one had to wait long and residents were very appreciative. We received lots of nice feedback and inquiries about doing it again! All told we had about 75 cars come by (4 or 5 just before the 11am close) and filled up a little over 1/4 of the truck.

Marsha BonDurant

President, Woodside Community Foundation