Retired Fund: Friends of Woodside
Village Church

Retired Fund: Friends of Woodside
Village Church

The purpose of this Fund is to support the maintenance and capital improvement of the Woodside Village Church.

What your donations are used for:

In 2017, Friends of Woodside Village Church launched a maintenance and capital improvement campaign to raise funds for a number of critical maintenance and capital improvement projects. Your donations will be used to keep the church beautiful, inviting and safe.

How you can help:

Become a partner in keeping the church a beacon for the history and values of our community by becoming a Friend of Woodside Village Church with your contribution today.

Why this fund is important:

The Woodside Village Church has been a center of Woodside life since 1892, when the Chapel was built. Over the years, there have been many changes and the church continues to evolve. In 1961, the Chapel was moved, the Sanctuary was added, and the congregation grew to over 300 members.

Over the past decade, membership has declined as upkeep and maintenance expenses increase.

Despite the decline in membership, the church campus continues to provide a beautiful space for community members to hold weddings, memorials, birthday celebrations, retirement parties, and other events. The church also supports a number of community-building programs like The Village Hub, Arts Programming and various seasonal celebrations.

Contact information:

Marsha Campbell