North Bay Disaster Relief Update 2/22/2018

North Bay Disaster Relief Update 2/22/2018

Published: Thursday, 22 February 2018

Patti is helped by our donation to S.A.F.E.R.

Here’s another person’s tragic story from the North Bay Fires. A woman named Patti owned this ranch where she bred her Bernese Mountain Show Dogs. At the time of the fire she had eight dogs and a litter of four three-week old pups. She had to leave with the firemen who woke her up — with no time at all. The dogs all perished along with her turkeys, chickens and other animals.

Miraculously, the fire jumped the pasture and her three horses and her steer survived, although they could not get to them for a week. These pictures show the ranch and her horses when they returned. The property was still smoking. There was NO INSURANCE. She was unaware her ex-husband had let the policy lapse.

The bodies of her beloved Bernese Mountain Dogs were found under these roof tiles — one of the disaster relief workers dug them out and Patti cremated their remains. You can see how very hot the fire was here.

The Woodside Community Foundation is proud to work with Sonoma Action for Equine Rescue to help people like Patti rebuild their lives in the wake of the disastrous North Bay Fires.

Stay tuned for more updates both on additional assistance to horse and livestock owners in the aftermath of the North Bay Fires, and in the more recent Southern California Fires. The Woodside Community Foundation is committed to helping fellow equestrians, ranchers and farmers affected by the recent devastating fires in California.