Retired Fund:

Retired Fund:

Thanks to your generous donations to our Woodside Together Fund we raised $10,000. As promised, these donations were matched dollar for dollar by the Woodside Community Foundation and a check for $20,000 was sent to the San Mateo County Strong Fund. The San Mateo County Strong Fund helps struggling individuals, families, small businesses and non-profits throughout the County.

Any additional gifts given here will also be sent along to the San Mateo County Strong Fund.

Thank you so much for your support!

On March 24, 2020, the San Mateo County Supervisors launched the San Mateo County Strong Fund which allows us all to join the County’s relief effort and make donations that will directly benefit San Mateo County residents, small businesses and non-profits.

In support of the County’s efforts, the Woodside Community Foundation has created the Woodside Together Fund. Donations to this fund will be matched dollar for dollar (up to $10,000) by the Foundation with the goal of raising $20,000. These funds will be distributed to the San Mateo County Strong Fund to support struggling individuals, families and small businesses throughout the County.

We hope you’ll donate today to our Woodside Together Fund and double your contribution to the larger community.

Learn more about the San Mateo County Strong Fund. For a comprehensive listing of Countywide COVID-19 resources, visit here.

Help Woodsiders Directly with GoFundMe

We all know people in Town who lost their job in the blink of an eye, and small businesses that have shut their doors, maybe forever. The magnitude of loss is hard to comprehend, and some of our friends and members of the community will struggle to meet their basic needs in the coming months.

In response, here is a list of Woodside-based GoFundMe campaigns so you can provide financial support to members of our community who need help right now.

GoFundMe List

The Salon Woodside

We invite you to check back to this list frequently as we add more campaigns in need of support and we invite you to recommend others for our list by using our contact formPlease include a link to the GoFundMe page you are recommending.

Thank you kindly for working with us to care for this place we call home.