There is an impressive group of non-profit organizations working in our community. We've compiled a list.

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2015-03-29, 14:22

The Woodside Community Foundation has been extremely important to the Town of Woodside for many years because it has helped facilitate the success of many projects in the areas of the arts, the equestrian community, town beautification and the environment.

Noel Perry, WCF Board member
  • Day of Giving

    Day of Giving a Sweet Success

    Enormous Turnout of Woodside's "Movers and Shakers"

    Response to the Foundation's first Day of Giving far exceeded expectations. The event began with a heartfelt tribute to long-time WCF Board member and community philanthropist, Robert Flint, and culminated with the awarding of three community grants of up to $5,000.

    Grant Project

    Community Grant Winners

    Woodside Day of Giving, May 12, 2018

    The Woodside Community Foundation's Board of Directors was delighted by the response to its first call for Community Grant Projects. The range and depth of great causes was truly impressive, leaving the Board looking for ways to provide more support to all these great projects.

    Rob Flint

    Rob Flint

    Our Profound Thanks for his Extraordinary Community Spirit

    For more that 40 years, Rob has been a standard-bearer for community service and philanthropy in and around the Town of Woodside. The Woodside Community Foundation is profoundly thankful for the fine work and indomitable spirit of this extraordinary man.

2015-01-21, 20:17

Our trails are a unique and precious resource that connect us to nature, ourselves and to each other like nothing else and make us aware that we are part of one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Maggie Mah