Paradise Fire Victims Need Your Help NOW!

Angels in our midst

Jenn Holden (Angel Food Fund) is racing to raise the funds needed to provide temporary housing for a couple who lost everything in the Paradise Fire.

Here's what Jenn has to say...

I have everything in place to have a beautiful used trailer home delivered to Staci and Jeff on Tuesday. This trailer will cost $10,000 and the seller is offering to deliver the trailer with a fridge full of food, and full of donations for the recipients to pay it forward with, and share among their neighbors. As usual, when I find these gems I have to move on them. The couple selling the trailer is going to contribute $1,000, so Angel Food Fund will raise the remaining $9,000. I'm hoping to have enough in the fund by Monday.

Here's Staci's victims

"My neighbor came pounding on my door to wake me at 8:30 last Thursday. The whole sky was black there was no way to breathe.

I took a laundry basket needing folding and my dogs and went as fast as my broken body could take me to the car. I have a broken back and hip that require major surgeries. My husband was working 2 1/2 hrs away so it was up to me to save myself and the dogs.

We owned our home outright. We had just last week put in a new heating and cooling system to appease the insurers that wouldn't insure us without them. I guess it's too late now.

We have two elderly relatives that have helped us with stuff to eat and even some money, but we need to ease their burden and try to make it without having to ask for help from them.

This whole thing has been devastating for our little town. There are no rentals for people with dogs. We have a 14 year-old rottie and a 10-year old pitty. We want to get a trailer to park on our property when they'll allow us back up there. $10,000 would help with a used trailer and a generator to run it."

Please help in whatever way you can. I appreciate anything. This is so confusing to us, our animals and our entire town and the surrounding communities. God bless!

Please donate whatever you can afford to the Angel Food Fund today and pass the word. Healing from the devastation of these horrific fires comes with each and every act of kindness!