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Recently, Jenn Holden and her Angel Food Pantry have taken wing in a new direction. Over the past five years, while delivering groceries to families in need, Jenn met Lily. Lily escaped violence in El Salvador with her husband and two daughters, and they have been working hard to make a new life here in the United States.

Dynamic duo assumes key leadership role: Working mothers with a strong commitment to the community

Woodside residents Liz (Elizabeth) Dressel and Diane Talbert were recently elected to serve as Co-Treasurers of the Woodside Community Foundation. With similar histories of extensive civic engagement and dedication to the Town's public schools, Liz and Diane bring a wealth of experience to their new role with the Foundation.

It doesn't take long for a good idea to take root in Woodside!

More than 25 years ago, Noel Perry and a host of community activists raised the funds needed through the Woodside Community Foundation to plant more than 300 Oak Trees along Cañada Road. These stately trees now provide a glorious living canopy over Cañada Road.