Grant Project Judging Stand Completed

Kiely Judging Stand

BoyScoutsEmblemLook for the new judging stand at Kiely Equestrian Center. It's the work of J.B. Pellegrin for his Eagle Scout Project which was funded by one of our recent community grants. It's now completed and we think you'll agree that it's a beautiful new asset to the Woodside community.

Up until the age of 15, J.B. Pellegrin participated in the Kiely Equestrian Center's Woodside Junior Riders program every summer. He loved the people and it was there that the seed was planted for his Eagle Scout project, a project that recently received a grant of $5,000 from the Woodside Community Foundation.

According to J.B., building a new judging stand was the perfect Eagle Scout project because as he says, "I'm well acquainted with the Kiely Equestrian Center. Everyone's so nice there, and I knew they would be able to roll with the disruptions this project would create during construction. I also believed this work would be appreciated in a way that would make me really happy. They have a really limited budget and aren't able to take on large-scale projects like this."

Working closely with his Dad and Stevan Patrick of Midglen Studio Architects, J.B. developed the drawings and plans for the new judging stand, and then worked with the Town of Woodside to obtain the appropriate permits.

Construction started on March 1, 2018, and J.B. estimates that together, he and his Dad have spent an average of 15 hours a week on the project since then. "This project had special significance for my Dad," says J.B. "My Dad was never able to finish his own Eagle Scout project as a young man so this was a great bonding experience for us. He would listen as I described my ideas for how the project would look, and then we would work together to make those ideas a reality. He's a really skilled carpenter. It's been awesome!"

When asked what he learned from this project, J.B. was quick to point to the importance of communication. Dozens and dozens of emails, numerous meetings, and lots of follow-up went into the planning phase of the project. Once the project was in construction, he also learned the value of communicating clearly with his colleagues from Scout Troop 206 so everyone's time was well used. "I thought this project would be simple but soon discovered that I needed an architect, and the building permit had to be issued to a licensed contractor. J.B. also mused that learning how to cope with daunting and unexpected challenges was definitely another lesson learned.

J.B. Pellegrin is 16 years old and will be a junior at Bellarmine College Prep in the coming year. When asked what he wants to do after graduating from High School, J.B. said, "I really want to go to a service academy. I feel really passionately about this. I've always been a patriot and a firm believer in the United States. If I can use my talents to protect my Country and what we stand for, I think I'll be doing something right."