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True to form, Woodsiders are heeding our call for help!

BooBoo thanks you!Over the last five days almost $30,000 has been raised for large animal rescue efforts due to the CZU Lightning Complex Fire. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your fast and generous support.

Moving quickly to put your donations to work, the WCF Treasurer Rick DeBenedetti is working with the Mounted Patrol and Junior Riders. Scott Dancer, Captain of the Mounted Patrol, made a request to the Foundation for a grant to cover the costs of caring for animals that are being evacuated from Davenport, Pescadero, San Gregorio, and the La Honda area. His wife Kathi, director of the Junior Riders is working hand-in-hand with Scott. The Junior Riders program is located right across Tripp Road from the Mounted Patrol’s rear entrance.

The Foundation is currently helping to cover the costs of hay, manure removal and labor for these evacuated animals.

Rick miniZabuMae Humphrey

As of Sunday night, the Mounted Patrol was caring for nine evacuated horses and two Zebus (miniature brahmas). Twenty-nine more evacuated horses are being cared for at the Junior Rider facility. Between the two locations, an estimated fifty evacuated animals can be housed in the paddocks, with overflow moving into the arenas if necessary. Smaller barns in Woodside have also taken in two to four horses each depending on the size of the facility. Feed will be provided to these barns as well.

horse rescue

As Scott Dancer said in a message to the Mounted Patrol membership,

“The Woodside Community Foundation has provided grant money to cover all the cost of feeding, cleaning, debris box rental, and they delivered a semi-truck load of hay yesterday. WCF’s assistance removes a huge burden from the animal owners who can feel secure that their horses are receiving the highest level of care during this stressful time.”

At this point in time, the fires in San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties are minimally contained with many residents poised for further evacuations. It is anticipated that the CZU Lightning Complex Fires will continue to burn for several more months.

With your help, the Woodside Community Foundation will continue to seek out and support organizations and individuals requiring help with large animal rescue and evacuation in the weeks and months to come.

Thank you so much for your generosity during these challenging times.



Horse rescue

As we write this, families and their livestock are being evacuated from fires burning in San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties. Events are unfolding quickly as the fires continue to gain momentum.

A number of large animal rescue organizations are mobilizing right now. Based on past experience, we know these rescue groups will need financial help quickly.

As of last night, 40,000 acres burned with 0% containment and according to CalFire the potential for large growth of these fires will continue for the next 24-48 hours. It’s anticipated that these fires will burn for weeks to come.

Please make a donation now so we can be ready to provide funds quickly where they’re needed most in the coming days and weeks.

We’ll be updating this page with new developments as they unfold, so check back soon.


photos Susan Munroe

Late Saturday afternoon, January 12, 2019, Tuffy’s owner was notified that her horse was down in its paddock. The big beautiful Clydesdale was lying in the mud and unable to get up.

Tuffy was completely exhausted from trying to get a foothold in the deep mud. After several hours of stuggling, the Woodside Fire Protection District (WFPD) and the Disaster Animal Rescue Team (DART) were called for assistance.

Thanks to ongoing large animal rescue training, WFPD personnel, with the help of DART, finally repositioned Tuffy and assisted the large animal to her feet. Once up and able to regain some strength, Tuffy walked out to the driveway where the owner’s veterinarian examined and treated her. Tuffy is recovering nicely from her ordeal.

DART member and Woodside Community Foundation Board member Rick DeBenedetti credited the success of the rescue to the extensive and ongoing training that WFPD personnel and DART members have for just such an emergency.

rescue9DeBenedetti also said, “Huge thanks must be given to those forward-thinking Woodside residents whose donations to the Woodside Community Foundation enabled the Foundation to purchase the horse manikin and special equipment so that the WFPD fire personnel could train for such a disaster/rescue.”

The Woodside Community Foundation thanks everyone who was involved in getting Tuffy back on her feet!

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